Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bob’s Open Mic – Avante Garde - 23rd January 2014

 This evening ended up being an all-female guest evening!!

 Bob Leslie started the evening off as usual with a few old favourites including “My old friend the blues”, “Heatwave”, “The letter”

 Then he got Elspeth Durkin up to sing their favourites “After the Goldrush”, “Autumn Leaves” and “Will you still love me tomorrow” 

Bernadette Collier was up next and was joined on the guitar by Bob when they performed “I am no mermaid” and then the Simon Dupree & the big band number “Kites”.  Then they sang one of Bob’s numbers – “Me and Kenny”, as Bob said afterwards it is just because it has the line “It’s just my age”!

Laura Caldwell had also arrived for the evening and Bob got her up next.  She sang a lovely Chris Isaac song [but no-one could remember the title].  Then she did a Rock and roll medley [with Bob joining in from the side with harmony on the guitar] including several Elvis songs such as “That’s alright” and “Hounddog”.

Bob then sang a few more songs including the Walkers Brothers song “No regrets” after asking Elspeth and Bernadette to act as his backing singers ‘The Chicken Supremes’!  Then he sang the Beatles classic ‘Norwegian Wood’.  Then Bob, Bernadette and Elspeth sang the Dylan song “I shall be released. This was followed by a duet with Elspeth of “Love hurts” and then the Little Feat song “Willin’”.

Laura got back up then and did Fulsom Prison Blues/ The Joker/ Jailhouse Rock/ and Walk the Line.

Bob then performed with Laura jamming with him on “Ikoikoanay”/ The thrill has gone/ Dock of the Bay

 The evening finished off with Elspeth joining Bob and Laura on stage and singing “Dixie Chicken”, “The Boxer”, “California Dreaming” and then “Gloria” and finally finishing with the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore number “Goodnight”!!


We would also like to remind readers that on Friday 25th  at Avante Garde there will be a benefit Gig by Clutha Vaults Players in support of the Clutha fund.  No entry fee but a collection will be taken and Avante Garde will be giving 10% of the proceeds towards the fund as well.  Starts at 7pm as SO MANY musicians wished to take part and give their services.  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bob's Open Mic at Avante Garde Wednesday 15th January 2014

Well this evening started quietly enough with host Bob Leslie starting the night off with the songs "My old friend the blues", "No Regrets",  "Norwegian Wood", " Heatwave", "Mr Beaujangles" and finally one of his own "Me & Kenny".
First guest of the evening was John Morrison with his mandolin.  He sang his usual satirical balance - "Dead Horse", then a Flanders and Swann song "Twas on a Monday morning!" and then another of his own "The Banker's" song. 
Next up was John's brother Bob Morrison, [all the way from near Falkirk] who played an electric guitar  and sang "Jumping at shadows", "Before you accuse me" and "Midnight Blues".
Bob then got Elspeth Durkin up to sing "Autumn Leaves", "After the Goldrush" and then a duet with Bob of "Love Hurts". 
Next to the stage was Gerry 'Stringology' McHugh - He started off with a moving rendition of "Brother can you spare a dime", followed by "Gingerbread and Dynamite" with audience participation, and finally, as it is nearing Burns Night "My love is like a Red Red Rose."
Next up was Laura Hamilton.  She played a great rock & roll medley including "That's alright" and "Blue Suede Shoes".  Bob couldn't help but join in with "twiddly bits"!  Laura then asked her friend Shennara up to sing a couple of songs - "She's got a ticket" by Tracy Chapman, then "Sitting on the dock of the bay" and then finally "This is a man's world". 
Bob then returned to the stage to sing "Tracks of my Tears", "Baby please don't go" and a Burns song "Green grow the Rashes Oh"
Next up was Dougie Strong who was all the way from Edinburgh!  He gave us "Back to Black", a Kinks song "Set me free little girl" and finally a Billy Joel song "Piano Man".
Gerry had left by this time so Bob got Laura back up for "Get a little bit closer", "Love minus zero" and finally "Reaper Man".
Alastair Halcrow had arrived by this time and Bob got him up on stage.  He sang his own songs "Glasgow, Glasgow" [without microphone or guitar amp!] then "Turn of the blind side" and finally "Holiest of never-ending songs",
Bob then got Shennara back up, with Laura obviously [in fact they joked about changing that to her stage name Laura Obviously!!]  They sang "Stay together" and then another Tracy Chapman song "Gimme a reason". 
The session was out of time then which meant that Elspeth never got her 'second'  songs or her final duet with Bob!
We look forward to return visits from everyone as it was a very enjoyable evening!

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so no photos of tonight's session!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Bob Leslie's Open Mic night, Avante Garde, Wednesday 11/12/13 !!!

Bob started the night with a good variety of songs.  His first guest was Elspeth Durkin whom he accompanied. when she sang, 'Autumn Leaves', 'After the Goldrush' and then dueted with on 'Love Hurts'. 
Next up were Marie and Alan Sinclair who gave some excellent renditions of some old songs. 

Gerry McHugh with a change of style - beautiful guitar playing and ballads.

 John Morrison was then asked up and he gave us a few of his topical ditties!! 

They were followed by New face Ken Wilkins [visiting from Exeter] then came up to the stage with a mandocello [ I think that is how it is spelt] and he sang a few of his own songs which were very well received. It was halfway through the evening by this time, so it was time for a second rounds! 

Ken had left before he had a second chance, but another singer, Alastair Halcrow had arrived and came onstage to sing a couple of his own songs, using an electric guitar.  He gave a nice rendition of Amazing Grace which quite a few folk joined in on [ and Gerry & Bob got up on the second mic to harmonise with him!]

He had written a song called Glasgow, and, I think, was quite surprised when some of the audience started to harmonise with his chorus even although they had never heard it before!  Then Bob joined in to harmonise with his acoustic guitar!  A good night was had by all!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Clutha Vaults tragedy 29th November 2013

Our hearts go out to the bereaved, and to the injured and traumatised folk  after the horrific tragedy last night at the Clutha Vaults bar. 

I'm afraid that words fail me at this time. 

We hope that those who survive will recover swiftly.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

13th December 2012

Avante Garde, King Street

A small number of performers this evening - but the weather WAS atrocious!
Bob Leslie; Elspeth Durkin; Ryan Morecombe; and Allan Stewart all performed during the evening.

Bob's Open Mic - 22nd November 2012

Avante Garde, King Street, Glasgow  =  8.30 - late

Host Bob Leslie started the evening with the ballad "Mr Beaujangles" then a John Morris song "Empire"  then "Me & Kenny" followed by two of his own songs "Rogues" and then "One size don't fit all".
Bob then got Alan and Marie Sinclair from the group Penny Black who started with a Joan Armatrading song "Love and Affection" followed by a John Pride song "Sam Stone" and then they finished with a Credence Clearwater Revival song "As long as I can see the light".
Elspeth Durkin was asked up next and she sang "Come by the hills" then "Will you still love me tomorrow" and finishing with a duet with Bob of "Love Hurts".
Next up was Ryan Morecombe who sang one of his own songs then a Joan Baez song "Donna Donna" finishing with "Closer".
Arge was the next performer - giving us a performance of a couple of his own songs on his electric guitar.
Next up was Bernadette Collier, with Bob joining in on "Angel from Montgomery", then "Dance me to the end of Love" and finishing with a Hazel O'Connor song "Will you".
Our next performer comes all the way from Graamsay in Orkney, Andrew Mowat who performed "Thw town I love so well" then "Scapa flow" and finally "Ring of Fire".
John Morrison had arrived by this time and he got up to perform three songs including "I never really wrote this song" and "Bourbon".
Bob then sang some one of his newest songs "Don't go climbing Everest" [aka the Mousie song], then "Stand up Caledonia" finally a Steve Earle song "(I can't remember) If we said goodbye".
 Andrew then gave us a shetland tune called "Margaret" then a song "Kirkwall Bay" and finishing with "The Gambler".
Bob then asked Elspeth back up to sing "Autumn Leaves" and "After the Goldrush", 
The evening finished off with Bob and Bernadette performing "White Flag".

29th November 2012

Avante Garde, King Street
Another pleasant evening, when I again did not record what songs were sung however the performers were Bob Leslie; Ryan Morecombe; Elspeth Durkin; Bernadette Collier; George Martin and Gordon.